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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: Building a single Hg repository
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 10:59:23 GMT
On 29.06.2011 12:29, Mathias Bauer wrote:
> As your local hg repo is just an intermediate step from where you export
> to svn, you could pull all cws into one repository. The majority of the
> different repositories (master or cws) consists of almost the same
> changesets, so pulling into one repo will save a lot of disk space.
> This has been tried by several people and it worked for them.
> Someone has created a Mercurial extension that makes this process pretty
> easy:
> As some of our cws are based on the DEV300 repo and some are based on
> the OOo340 repo, you will need two repos or someone needs to copy the
> cws from dev300 to ooo340 before.

actually OOO340 should be sufficient, because it contains all changes 
from DEV300.
why would copying to ooo340 (what do you mean by that? merging in 
OOO340?) be required?

if you pull a CWS into a OOO340 clone you may have 2 heads (the OOO340 
head and the CWS head), but if the CWS is not rebased to the latest 
DEV300 milestone+masterfixes, you have the _exact_ same problem if you 
pull into a DEV300 clone.

and in any case, pulling all (OOO340 clone+CWS pull) repos into a single 
OOO340 repo should add +1 head per CWS, which could be (in principle) 
converted to a SVN branch.

recursion, n:
         See recursion.

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