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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject OOo Kenai Migration Notes [Was Re: Oh, let's not forget too]
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 23:59:07 GMT

On Jun 20, 2011, at 3:58 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:

> Dave Fisher wrote:
>> We certainly need a plan that does not simply stop
>> email.
> Actually, as others said I would just keep the addresses
> running; to address a concern, I've used mine for many thousands of
> OOo-related actions and nobody ever questioned if I was speaking on
> behalf of or personally.

That is the concern. It is obvious when you see how many signed up for the project with
email addresses.

>> How many individual forwards do we have?
> They used to be really many (in the thousands for sure) but they have
> been reduced in March 2011 with the Kenai migration to only the users
> who had been active (i.e., logged in on the OOo website) in the last (at
> the time) 18 months.

This is good to know. Last 18 months doesn't seem so terrible.

I tracked down the following

This looks like a treasure chest of information about what is there and how it is organized.

Here is an important piece:

> The move is going to include services like publishing of web content, mailing lists,
> ... and the existing content of those. 
> Satellite sites like forums, extensions and templates sites, ... will
not be affected. 
> A better integration might be considered later but is not part of the initial effort.

Kenai to Apache Migration Topics are:

- bugtracking
- mailing lists and forwarders.
- web content

Satellite to Apache Migration topics include:

- user forums
- extensions
- templates

Much has been written about all these and other topics in the last week.

I started a community wiki page

Please feel free to expand! I have surely missed a lot.

>> So, ANYONE could get an email alias for their real
>> email address?
> Yes. Even squat it. But I don't think this has ever happened.
>> And there must be infrastructure to be able to change that email
>> address and cancel it as well.
> No! Changing is probably possible and done in your personal profile, but
> removing used to be impossible as far as I know (not that I ever tried).
>> Messy, the bugzilla transition is therefore entangled with how we deal
>> with
> Yes, because here it's hardcoded, as others wrote.

And quite a bit - about 20 or so emails to find and summarize.

>> Does this personal email forwarding also entangle with
>> the user forum transitions?
> Not in general, but I registered to the forum with my
> address, so in corner cases this could affect it.

And a reason for trying to keep them.


> Regards,
>  Andrea.

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