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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Getting to our first build
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 20:06:23 GMT
Today marks the start of our third week at Apache.  We've been doing a
lot of account set ups, exploring the web site infrastructure,
exploring the migration issues we'll be dealing with and getting to
know each other.  This is good.

Up on the wiki we have a project plan matrix:

And one of those cells is for the dev work needed to get to a first
build.  Not "first release", which would require QA, IP checklist and
PPMC/PMC approval, but first build which is a bit simpler:

I've seen a few threads on the list related to investigations of
various copyleft dependencies and whether they are indeed needed, and
whether there are good substitutes.  This is good.

But what I haven't seen is the higher level outline of how we are
going to get to that first build.

I think one approach would be to start with everything, which should
presumably build, and then subtract.  So check in everything from OOo
into SVN, verify that it builds.  That establishes a known state.
Then verify the IP.  Maybe use SVN properties to tag the files that
were covered by Oracle's SGA.  Anything not tagged needs to be
investigated.  Some things lead to requests for amending the Oracle
SGA. When we get those, we indicate so in an SVN property.  Some
things will be GPL/LPGL.  These get also get tagged with properties
before being deleted.  We continue to iterate until all files
remaining in the repository have a property indicating that we've
proven their provenance. Ideally, as things are removed, we do so in a
way that we can always still build.  So we start in a well-defined
state and stay in a well-defined state.

The above approach also has the advantage of allowing some degree of
parallel processing, with multiple committers working on different
parts of the project.

Of course, if there is a better way of doing this, please let me know,
or even better update the plan on the wiki so we document what the
approach is.



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