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From Kazunari Hirano <>
Subject Can we rationalize and formalize "a language project"?
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 11:06:59 GMT
Congratulations for incubator project!

My first post to starts with some questions.

First question, "Can we as an incubator project realease Apache X.X or 3.4 or whatever?  Or are we going
to release it soon?"

I think "release soon" is one of the most important short term goals.

I, as marketing project coordinator for Japanese
Language Project, have accountability because, as I told when I
introduced myself to the,

we have 4 projects such as marketing, quality assurance, translation
and documentation projects, and these 4 projects have cooperated and
worked so hard together to release stable quality
Japanese and to promote in a number of ways that we
have increased our user base.

First I will have to explain "what happened to" to
members of Japanese Project and many
users in Japan.

I am planning to post Japanese translation of the text of to

I have translated it up to the secretive NKRS computer system part now.

Then the most important thing I have to tell them is "When new and
stable Japanese will be released" or "It will not be
released soon."  If it is not be released soon, I have to tell them
reasons why it will not be released soon.

To tell them the proposal and the reasons in Japanese I would like to
have a Japanese page on

Second question, "Is there any rule, like wiki page naming, to put a
non-English page on the Wiki?

I would like to create a Japanese wiki page and to do the other works
like translation, localization, marketing and more as a team, which
maybe we can call "a language project."

Third question, "Can we rationalize and formalize a language project?"
If we can, then can we, incubator project, make a
procedure to apply and accept a language project?


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