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From Donald Whytock <>
Subject Re: Contributors versus Committers versus PMC members
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 15:25:48 GMT
Is the PMC for a podling different from the PMC for the resulting
project?  Should it be?  Or should the PPMC simply roll into their new
role as a PMC?


On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 9:48 AM, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> Since almost all of us are new to Apache we're learning a lot about
> how Apache projects organize themselves.  Based on my reading, I
> understand that Apache projects have three degrees of participation:
> 1) Developer (or Contributor might be the preferred term, since it
> doesn't depend on coding), who is a project member that contributes
> patches, helps with support, reports bugs, etc.  The main thing they
> cannot do is commit changes directly to the product repository.  They
> need to submit patches, which are then reviewed and checked in by a
> "committer".
> 2) Committers are elected based on their sustained contributions to
> the project.  They have an apache userid and email alias.  They can
> commit changes to the repository.  They are also responsible for
> reviewing patches submitted by other contributors.  A Committer must
> have an ICLA on file.
> 3) Project Management Committee (PMC) are Committers or Contributors
> who are elected, based on merit, to help provide oversight to the
> project.  They approve releases and elected new Committers and PMC
> members.
> As the Apache OpenOffice podling was bootstrapped, all of the
> volunteers who signed up on the wiki, before the vote, were
> automatically able to become Commtters and PPMC members.  But to
> actually take on those roles, a number of steps needed to occur,
> mainly dependent on the new member submitting the Apache ICLA.  Once
> that is done, account creation, etc. takes some time, but is routine.
> What we need to decide going forward is how we define the details of
> the Contributor/Committer/PPMC roles.
> Specifically:
> 1) In the future, will all Committers be PPMC members?  In other
> words, will these two groups be identical?  I've heard that other
> Apache projects have a subset of Committers serve on the PMC, but they
> rotate membership, so all Committers get a chance to be on the PMC.
> 2) If the Committer and PPMC groups are not identical, then what
> criteria should we use to determine who becomes a PPMC member?
> 3) If someone is offered the role of Committer, how long do they have
> to sign ICLA?
> 4) If someone is an incredible contributor to the project, say in
> testing or event planning, can they become a PPMC member?   Would they
> need to sign the ICLA even if they are never actually need to commit
> project resources?  In other words, can someone be a PMC member
> without being a Committer?  Or should we think of these as being
> progressive degrees of involvement, strictly Contributor --> Committer
> --> PMC member?
> 5) Is there an term limit on PPMC membership, or criterion for
> sustained contributions and activity level?  In other words, is it a
> case of "Once elected, always a PMC member"?
> 6) Similar for Committers.  Is there a minimum threshold level of
> activity that is needed to sustain that role?
> -Rob

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