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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Getting to our first build
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2011 19:31:25 GMT
Let me summarize what I'm hearing the initial steps then are.

1)  We take the OOo source code with tag OOO340_m1 from, including the full history, and convert
that into a SVN repository, e.g.,:   hg convert --dest-type svn
hgreponame svnreponame

Who does this?  Is this something that can be done remotely, or do we
need an Oracle admin to do this for us?

2) We 'svnadmin dump' the repository, and pass the resulting dumpfile
to the Infrastructure team.

Same question.  Who does the dump?

3) Apache Infrastructure will schedule a "Subversion is read-only"
period, probably on a weekend. They will then use 'svnadmin load' to
load all the revisions into the Apache repository.

I'm assume the ideal situation would be to have the svn dump file on
an Oracle ftp server, so Infrastructure can grab it.

Are there any quality checks we need between steps 1 and 2 or between
2 and 3?  It would be nice, for example, to verify that things like
EOL characters or encodings or mime types were right.  Anyone have a
sense for what the most common ways to screw this up would be?


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