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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Top level question on website migration
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 12:28:33 GMT
Assuming we're not trying for a "big bang" migration where we move
everything at once, it seems we have two main approaches:

1) Assign existing DNS to Apache now.  For services
which we have not yet migrated to Apache we redirect back to Oracle's
server, by IP address.  As additional services are migrated to Apache,
we remove redirects.

2) Do it in the opposite direction:   DNS goes to Oracle's servers and
they redirect to Apache for services that we've migrated.  As services
are migrated we ask Oracle to add additional requests.  When
everything is migrated then we switch over the DNS.

#1 seems a lot cleaner to me, and requires less coordination with
Oracle.  We control the DNS, redirects and generally set the pace of
migration.  But are there protocols beyond http/https that we need to
worry about?  For example, any ftp, smtp, nntp, etc. that would
complicate things?

If we can agree on the general approach I don't see why we couldn't
start some migration this week.  Bugzilla, for example, seems to be a


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