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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Contributors versus Committers versus PMC members
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 16:09:54 GMT
On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 11:21 AM, Kay Schenk <> wrote:
> Hello Rob, * -- see below
> On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 6:48 AM, Rob Weir <> wrote:
>> Since almost all of us are new to Apache we're learning a lot about
>> how Apache projects organize themselves.  Based on my reading, I
>> understand that Apache projects have three degrees of participation:
>> 1) Developer (or Contributor might be the preferred term, since it
>> doesn't depend on coding), who is a project member that contributes
>> patches, helps with support, reports bugs, etc.  The main thing they
>> cannot do is commit changes directly to the product repository.  They
>> need to submit patches, which are then reviewed and checked in by a
>> "committer".
>> 2) Committers are elected based on their sustained contributions to
>> the project.  They have an apache userid and email alias.  They can
>> commit changes to the repository.  They are also responsible for
>> reviewing patches submitted by other contributors.  A Committer must
>> have an ICLA on file.
> What "substantially" is the difference between #1 and #2? I mean in terms of
> actual actions. I submitted a CLA yesterday, and was told I needed to "voted
> in", presumably for #1. What I would LIKE to do is make some simple changes
> to what Apache considers our "primary" web site,
> for this, I am told/see, I need an Apache userid, which to my knowledge i do
> not have. So, how to to go about this...

Hello Kay!

A Developer/Contributor submits patches, which then are reviewed and
applied by a Committer.  A Committer can also make his or her own
updates directly in the repository.  That is why they need to sign the
ICLA and have an Apache userid.

Of course, up until now, everyone has been a Committer, since everyone
who signed up with the initial proposal was automatically made a

So.... Would you like to be the *First Contributor* to submit a patch
for this project?  This would be great practice for the current
Committers as well, to receive, review and apply patches.

>> 3) Project Management Committee (PMC) are Committers or Contributors
>> who are elected, based on merit, to help provide oversight to the
>> project.  They approve releases and elected new Committers and PMC
>> members.
> With respect to this. One of the first things I would put on our "new" site
> is the actual list of our PMC along with some better instructions as to what
> one is supposed to do.
> I am still VERY confused over the use of
> vs

Projects under incubation have special attention given to them by the
Apache Incubator PMC and the mentors who volunteer to help us get
started.  The first page is the page that the Incubation PMC uses to
track our status.  There is a page like this for every "podling" in
the incubator.

The 2nd web page is the website that the project controls.  Once we
graduate from incubation and become a top level project (TLP) that
will change to something like

> but if you look at any of the other Apache project websites, I think you'll
> get a general idea of the "look and feel" of them.
> OK, I KNOW we have a LOT to discuss. But, I would just like to "fix up" the
> main site a bit, so people coming over to have a look, actually have
> something reasonable to look at and have some idea about what's going on.

OK.  That would be great.  I assume you are talking about this site:

Are you familiar with Subversion?  If so, you can download the source
for the site here:

If you don't know subversion, let us know as well, and we'll point you
in the right direction.

> Thanks, and please vote me in for an Apache ID. :)

I'll make you a deal.  Give me 5 good patches and I'll nominate you
for Committer.  Of course, someone else might nominate you for only 2
patches ;-)

But it all starts with submitting that first patch.



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