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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Teams and Leads (was: Proposed short term goals)
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:54:54 GMT
Hey Manfred,

>> The only 'contact' that people need for this project is
> As long as we're talking about people like us. ;-)
> But: what's with an enduser in Nagano, japan or an enduser in Chap├ęco, Brasil?

we are waiting for your suggestions :-)

Seriously - we need a few good ideas to make Nagano happy.

In my world, I think we should start to think about how we would like
to community with the endusers. Probably mailinglist - but which name?

>> If this list grows too large or too busy, then we can create
>> additional 'contacts' in the form of more mailing lists.
> Is it intended from NewOOo to deliver final products to the market?
> If yes,
> than IMHO we should think *right now*
> about an infrastructure for these parts of the project.
> else ...

We need to bring this question up with another subject. Then devs
might have a chance to say what they think. personally I would say
"yes", we need that and I thought this was always th e plan. Maybe iam

>  Nevertheless: The earlier you start these national projects, the more
> uncertainty is removed from the market.


> IMHO that was the question from Kazunari Hirano.
> Unfortunately his has now answer until now.

Yes - to much chaos at the moment. We are asked to make suggestions
and implement the necessary stuff.

If you have ideas - please respond to Kazunari Hiranos email and lets
start a discussion

> If would be fine, if a "almighty" could answer the questions of our
> friends from Japan.

Have you signed the icla? Yes? You are almighty then :-)
We nearly - but you have the power to bring up a proposal, and if the
others like it, we will make it true. No need to wait for other
We just need to do it


> 0,02 eurocents
> M.


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