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From Jean Weber <>
Subject Re: User documentation planning
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 19:55:12 GMT
On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 04:39, Frank Peters <> wrote:
>> There are three main planning topics regarding user docs:
>> * Content
>> * Source format
>> * Delivery format
>> These are related, but not the same. Some content may work better in
>> some formats (both source and delivery) than others.
>> CONTENT could be user guides (a term for multi-topic, typically
>> book-length documents) and a range of shorter document types: how-tos,
>> tutorials, FAQs, and so on.
>> SOURCE FORMAT could be ODT or wiki.
>> DELIVERY FORMAT could be ODT, PDF, printed, ePub, HTML, blog, wiki,
>> video, etc. For electronic formats, target hardware could include laptop
>> or desktop computers, iPads, Android tablets, smartphones, Kindles,
>> etc.
> I would like to clarify this further. At classical OOo we had the
> (somewhat awkward) situation of an "official" OOo docs project
> and the (then) OOoAuthor group being separate groups
> working with separate people, separate tools and separate
> deliverables.

As I mentioned in an earlier note, OOoAuthors was set up (years ago)
because the people wanting to produce user guides found the "official"
docs project tools and website too difficult to use. This was before
the OOo wiki was set up. There is a lot of overlap between the people
on the "official" docs project and the OOoAuthors group.

> OOoAuthors created user guides, while the
> OOo docs website and wiki was the place for Admin and
> Developer docs, FAQs, some Howtos etc.
> If we continue this model, I would think that the non-book
> document types you listed above (Howtos, FAQs etc) would again
> be located (and maintained) on the Apache OOo wiki under AL.

I agree.


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