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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: An svn question
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 20:18:23 GMT
On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 15:37, Dennis E. Hamilton
<> wrote:
> The separate Hg repositories could go into separate sub-project branches if that is more
convenient for bringing them over.  My sense is that once they are in Subversion, it is relatively
easy to massage them or consolidate into a composite project tree (by SVN copying) that is
where any further adaptation and use occurs - I am assuming there are no collisions between
Hg subprojects.
> I think the bigger issue is preserving the Hg history and the different revisions.
> Is there any agreement on how deeply we need history, is the full history essential for
provenance reasons?

Our Software Agreement gives us all the provenance that we "need".

But history is best for the developers. We also see researchers using
ASF repositories. People need history to understand "why" code is
written a certain way. etc etc

I think it would be best to combine the various Hg repositories into
one, then convert that to Subversion for loading. We could probably
make N subversion repositories and load those, too. For example, the
main repository could construct the main trunk/tags/branches, and the
CWS repositories would create /branches/CWS-1, /branches/CWS-2, etc
branches. But you're going to have problems with mergeinfo and history
and stuff. It is best if we can somehow link the creation of a branch
as a copy from /trunk of the correct revision.

Anyway. The key is to (re)construct the relationships between the
groups of code. If Hg will re-link the cloned CWS repositories when
they get merged, then great.

I would suggest that we begin writing a document and scripts on how
the merging and conversion will occur. For example, I envision that we
would produce a document much like:

Something that can collaboratively assembled and tested. Maybe some
kind of "" script that grabs all of the various Hg
repositories and assembles them into one. And then a ""
script that runs the conversion process to Subversion with all the
right switches, filters, mappings, etc.

I'll go even further and suggest that we can begin the above in (say)
/trunk/build today. It should not be a problem to have some content in
our repository. The conversion process can easily avoid stomping on

Thankfully, we're talking about converting from Hg rather than CVS.
The latter introduces nightmares that I don't even want to speak


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