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From Tor Lillqvist <>
Subject Re: Bootstrapping a build
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 23:47:24 GMT
> There has been conversation about hosting this at,
> but ... what do the TDF/LO folks do? Are they just using dmake from
> the OOo repository, and hoping that it won't go away?

We have independent repositories so how would dmake go away?

> Have they moved away from dmake?

Not much more than OOo has. Of course we are merging in any work on
moving modules to gbuild if/as you do it, and doing some work on it by
ourselves, too.

> If not, then where are the FreeBSD and Debian getting the code from?

Well, at least Debian got it from OOo, as building OOo/LO is the only
purpose of dmake in Debian, I think?

> Can't we just use it from there?

For people who build on Debian or derivatives, sure. But for other
distros, Windows, MacOSX you would need to provide dmake packages. Or
make downloading a dmake tarball and building it part of the build
mechanism, if that is acceptable from a "license purity" point of


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