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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Please Feed the FAQs
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 18:07:29 GMT
I'd like to proposal a general rule that will benefit this project,
both the current members and future members.

The rule goes like this:

If you ask a "how to" question and someone else takes the time to
provide a good, useful answer, and you think that this is a question
that others will have as well, then you should write up the question
and answer and add it to the website.

A great example of this is what Marcus did recently.  He had a
question on how to edit the web site.  He got some ideas from members
on the list, and then wrote this up on a new website page:

To put a little structure behind this, I've added new top-level links
and pages to the website for:

Community FAQs
Developer FAQs

I also added an initial FAQ for Developers, on "How to Edit the
Website", linking to Marcus's page:

I'd encourage all of us to keep this in mind.  When you get a good
answer, when someone put in the effort to explain something
complicated to you, and you think that others will have the same
question, then add it to an FAQ.

Of course, also get into the habit of checking the FAQs before asking
a question.  Maybe it will have already been answered!


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