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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Product Roadmap: made by whom ? was: Re: [discuss] remove of binfilter module
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 22:32:53 GMT
On 16 June 2011 18:24, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
> On Jun 16, 2011, at 9:59 AM, Donald Whytock wrote:
>> My two centimes...
>> It sounds like what Martin is asking for is a mechanism whereby a
>> sponsoring corporation or collection of corporations can take the
>> corporate view and "throw money at the problem" to get things done.
>> It occurs to me that this doesn't have to exist within the framework
>> of the ASF.  Since anyone can be a contributor, said anyone could be
>> in the employ of an external nonprof, so a nonprof could accept money
>> for the purposes of hiring people to subscribe to ooo-dev and have at
>> it.
>> This seems like something that the ASF and PMC not only don't need to
>> do anything about, but in fact can't do anything about.
> It happens. Companies do get contracted to work on projects. Individuals also may be
paid. If doing so then business interests need to be separated, you really shouldn't make
your payment contingent on the project doing anything. That can become a community problem.
> Companies who are sponsoring such work for hire need to submit a CCLA.
> Corporations / individuals can sponsor the ASF, but cannot direct those donations.
> Ross/Sam, do I have this stated correctly?

Sam has already commented elsewhere but since you ask for my opinion
too I'll just add that you arepretty much correct (with the slight
moification Sam made with respect to CCLAs which I only learned about
myself on a podling last month).

In summary: the ASF does not (and as far as I'm aware) will never pay
for development on any of its projects. Doing so confuses the role of
the ASF, it is not a development house it is a legal framework and
supporting infrastructure to enable developers to work
collaboratively. Anyone, within the community or outside of it, can
set up any legal entity they like to collect money and pay for it.
However, they will not be recognised as a contributor - the people it
pays will be the contributors.

As Eric pointed out educOOo is an example of this.


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