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From Jomar Silva <>
Subject Re: New goals for OOo
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 23:53:43 GMT
On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 8:27 PM, Kay Schenk <> wrote:
> Well, as someone who has been involved in the project for about 10 yrs
> now...I LIKE your picture, but I wonder how it actually fleshes out given
> what we have to work with on the Apache site now.

I don't know if this idea impacts on the site right now, but for me it
represent an idea about how we may split the project in sub-projects
(or something like that).

I know that some other native language projects used a lot of OOo
infrastructure to coordinate and do their work, but AFAIK we in Brazil
always had our own servers to do that, and it seems to be easy for us
to coordinate things in that way (language and also some cultural

> Are you basically suggesting that the "new" site or the new entity follow
> the areas that you've outlined in your picture? In other words, if OOo does
> in fact evolve into an Apache project vs what it is now -- a vanilla open
> source project -- what does that mean in terms of governance and structure.
> And how does this translate, if at all, to an actual site.

As I've explained in the blog post, I believe that we may offer in the
future two ways for people to use the software:

1. Use it "as is" (something like the OOo we've had in the past years).

2. Pick up the parts you want and do your own "office suite" based on
those parts (this btw will help a lot the cooperation between Apache
and other projects, and also could attract more developers from those
projects to Apache, even if they just come to help us to deliver the
product or component that will be easier for their reuse).

This may impact on the website, but I believe that it's more a
development coordination issue than a "public presentation" of the
project (I know they're connected).

> I would like to hear more on this. To me, these are kind of separate
> entities, yet now, in this new environment. We need to learn to retool given
> the Apache governance process to start with. And then ????
> Obviously we need to do a lot more research on this new paradigm.


I'm also receiving some e-mails from Brazilian developers asking how
to help and when they come to this list with thousands of e-mails to
read talking about different subjects, some of the guys are asking me
if they will really be useful here :) (yes, I know that the project is
only 9 days old and we still organizing our new home).

With the project organized on the way I've illustrated, I believe that
it will be easier for a new developer to join the project and easily
find their path to the right place, reducing they learning curve.


- Jomar

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