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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Wiki for the project
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 20:46:06 GMT
>> I prefer not to mix developer/project-facing material and user-facing
>> material on the same wiki, because it is difficult enough to maintain
>> a consistent voice for the user-facing material.  Also, users should
>> be able to easily subscribe to and make additions to the
>> user-oriented wiki without contending with the project-oriented
>> organization.
>> That was my thinking.
> I see and I get your point now. I agree we need a certain
> degree of separation but that does not necessarily need to
> be in the form of two distinct wikis.
> Having two sections in a common wiki would allow to easily
> move content over, as occasionally done with OOo where
> feature developers kept draft documentation for their
> features while in development and then docs folks
> clean it up and move the content over to the documentation
> section.
> Also, a common entry portal then leading off to user-facing
> documentation or developer documentation or project related
> pages would reveal the mechanics of the project to those
> who are unfamiliar with how open source projects work and
> may help make this more transparent.

If we want to have different groups of users with update rights we should definitely have
two wikis.

See for the instructions regarding confluence.

We could start with the following confluence wiki spaces:

(1) ooo-dev - for developer facing documentation.

(2) ooo-user - for a prospective user wiki. We can debate whether confluence, MediaWiki, moinmoin
or ? are best by experimenting with various approaches.

(3) ooo - for the project website. There are options here as well CMS, moinmoin, Forrest,

I'll make the request from Infra. I have experience with Confluence and will do the initial
setup once Infrastructure creates the space(s). I'll add all committers that are on the project
page to the committers group as we go.


> Frank
>> -----Original Message----- From: Frank Peters
>> [] Sent: Tuesday, June 14,
>> 2011 10:48 To: Subject: Re: Wiki for the
>> project
>> Dennis,
>>> Um, so where would that and other thoughts be on-topic?  I have
>>> many thoughts about on-/off-line help bridging too.  Is this the
>>> ooo-issues list.  (I really must catch up on my reading of the
>>> groundrules here.)
>>> I take it that the on-line help is under Oracle copyright and can
>>> be/has been licensed by Oracle then?
>> Yes. "Online" help (that is, the application help) is a module in the
>> source tree (helpcontent2) and under Oracle Copyright. I guess it was
>> part of the bits donated to Apache?
>>> What do you mean by one wiki for both the project and the product?
>>> I
>> One for contributors (project planning, drafts, developer docs +
>> guidelines) one for consumers (user manuals, online help, training,
>> tutorials).
>>> am always concerned that non-developing users, even power users
>>> have collaborative resources that work in the context of their
>>> needs and interests.
>> I'm sorry but I don't think that I get your point here.
>> Frank

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