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From Louis Suarez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Can we rationalize and formalize "a language project"?
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 19:16:53 GMT

There's a fine chance that Khirano is asleep, as he lives in Japan.

So, my comments inline.

On 2011-06-17, at 15:10 , IngridvdM wrote:

> Am 17.06.2011 19:50, schrieb Manfred A. Reiter:
>> IMHO it is self-evident, that we need languages lists - at least for
>> Endusers and an coordinating team ... if such lists are required from
>> language speaker ... such as Kazunari Hirano san.
>> Or do you think in outsourcing and splitting into ApacheOOo and
>> japanes support and german support?
> Kazunari Hirano	has stated that there are "4 projects such as marketing, quality assurance,
translation and documentation projects".
> So I am not sure where Japanese native language support is today as it was not mentioned.
Kazunari Hirano, can you say a word on this? Is there end user support in Japanese language
somewhere on OOo infrastructure or is the international support used, or neither?
> Thanks,
> Ingrid

OOo website was structured by Brian Behlendorf and others more or less along Apache lines,
for some reason :-); this was when he, along with I (and then a short while later, Greg S.),
was with ColllabNet.  Within, there are many sub-projects, as Khirano hints.
This arrangement holds for dozens upon dozens of other language projects. The larger and more
staffed having more subprojects and corresponding activity.

The establishment of this set up was not rushed into. I started with French, grace a GC, of
France, who had set up an informational project related to StarOffice in France, and saw no
reason to abandon it, esp. as there was an active community attached to it.

Then, in the next year, we added German (, which subsequently established
its own NGO, and has an awesomely active community. 

And then others, like,, and so on. (Many of these ended
up, btw, forming The Document Foundation; Charles Schulz and I led the NLC for years, but
many others have played prominent roles.)

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