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From Simon Phipps <>
Subject Preserving Legacy Content (was: Contributors versus Committers versus PMC members - AND USERS)
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2011 15:33:09 GMT

On 26 Jun 2011, at 12:21, Rob Weir wrote:

> We have three basic options for legacy content:
> 1) Migrate it to a dynamic equivalent, e.g. form to forum, list to
> list, wiki to wiki.  This might be using the same software or a
> different one, though obviously migration is more difficult cross
> apps, especially in the absence of standard formats.
> 2) Archive the content statically, e..g., wget the entire wiki, forum
> or list and store the static pages for reference.  Ideally, search
> engines and external links don't notice the change.
> 3) Ignore the legacy content and let it disappear.
> I think this is a case-by-case decision that we'll want to make, based
> at least partially on how how active the existing service is.  If it
> gets no writes, but many reads, then #2 might be appropriate.  If it
> is active with both reads and writes then that would recommend #1.

I think option 2 ought to be our default for the whole project, with all links always working.
From the discussions so far, it seems we are likely to establish new venues and modes of interaction
that would make option 1 an exception, and option 3 is always to be avoided in a community
with as long as legacy as



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