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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Fwd: Moving OOo Bugzilla Database into ASF Infrastructure
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 18:42:54 GMT
Hi -

I queried the infrastructure list about what is possible, and Mark Thomas replied. He might
have a preference based on the details of the current, customized OOo issue tracker.

Whoever knows the details, please reply.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Mark Thomas <>
> Date: June 16, 2011 10:56:45 AM PDT
> To: Dave Fisher <>
> Cc: Apache Infrastructure <>
> Subject: Re: Moving OOo Bugzilla Database into ASF Infrastructure
> On 16/06/2011 18:11, Dave Fisher wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
> Hi. I'm replying as I'm the person who currently looks after our issue
> trackers.
>> One of the big issues in moving OOo into the podling is getting an Issue tracker
>> There are over 100,000 issues.
> That is a reasonable number. Currently the ASF Jira has ~200k, main BZ
> ~50k and SABZ ~7k. Another 100k shouldn't be an issue unless that
> database is huge.
>> The database is currently active.
>> The most critical migration factor is preserving the Bugzilla IDs.
> No problem. Whatever route we take, that is do-able.
>> There is no preference one way or another on JIRA vs. Bugzilla.
> I may have a preference depending on the answer to the following questions:
> How much customization has been applied to the OOo bugzilla. To put it
> another way, how painful is it going to be up upgrade to BZ 4.0.x? If it
> is going to be painful is there anyone from OOo that is willing to do
> the work and support it going forward?
> What database is currently used for the BZ instance?
> How big is a current full backup?
>> OOo issue tracker link -
>> Language is an issue. A user facing bug tracker needs to allow for other languages
> I believe BZ and Jira both support that. Is there anything you need that
> isn't available out of the box?
>> One suggestion was to have a separate Bugzilla for OOo which would automatically
preserve the IDs. I notice that SpamAssassin has a separate bugzilla.
> That is certainly an option. Importing into Jira is the other.
>> One negative to JIRA expressed on the list is that someone is labeled as "Project
Lead". I've used JIRA at work for 9 years. and we could have an email list be the lead can't
> No. The ASF does not permit mailing lists to be used that way due to
> security concerns with password resets and public mailing lists. There
> are simple ways around this.
>> What does Infrastructure prefer? Are there already solutions available?
> That depends on the answer to the questions above.
> Mark

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