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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: New goals for OOo
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 23:53:04 GMT
You already are a contributor! You sent this email!

Please join the Community Wiki -

We have started to outline plans there. No ICLA required for that Wiki.

> Well, as someone who has been involved in the project for about 10 yrs
> now...I LIKE your picture, but I wonder how it actually fleshes out given
> what we have to work with on the Apache site now.

I wonder also.

> I am going to apply as an Apache contributor and hope I can at least make a
> few small changes to the current OOo Apache site. Until we get a whole scale
> site redirect in place vis a vis DNS servers in the great stratosphere (and
> hopefully this will NOT happen until we've got more ported over -- or maybe
> not, see below), I think we should start cobbling together what we can. I
> really don't know what the rules are regarding jumps form the given Apache
> site to a secondary server, etc.

Here is where we are thinking of building the DNS map:

There is information from the last week that needs to be found and added here. I've no time

> Are you basically suggesting that the "new" site or the new entity follow
> the areas that you've outlined in your picture? In other words, if OOo does
> in fact evolve into an Apache project vs what it is now -- a vanilla open
> source project -- what does that mean in terms of governance and structure.
> And how does this translate, if at all, to an actual site.

It is certainly a possible framework to discuss components. Does this already match OOo well,
or is it a new organization.

> I would like to hear more on this. To me, these are kind of separate
> entities, yet now, in this new environment. We need to learn to retool given
> the Apache governance process to start with. And then ????
> Obviously we need to do a lot more research on this new paradigm.



> On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 3:38 PM, Jomar Silva <> wrote:
>> I'm not sure if this is the right place to present that, and seeing
>> that I'm still learning The Apache Way, I'll try :)
>> I've published a few days ago at my blog an idea about what I believe
>> we could aim as the architecture of Apache OOo. I believe that this
>> could help us to organize the project, tasks and teams, and I did it
>> based on several other OOo architecture diagrams I've found online.
>> The diagram can be found here
>> ( and just for the record I
>> also wrote a blog post with my thoughts about the project
>> (
>> ).
>> The text is also available in Brazilian Portuguese and as far as I
>> know it was the first text about the project published in Brazil. I'm
>> also working here in Brazil with some other friends that are already
>> in this list to gather more BR developers.
>> Just my R$ 0,02 (which is by far less than the other currencies used
>> to present people's cents on this discussion :)).
>> Best,
>> - Jomar
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