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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: User facing web items
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2011 17:17:50 GMT
Sent from my mobile device (so please excuse typos)

On 18 Jun 2011, at 16:27, Reizinger Zoltán <> wrote:

> Hi Ross,
> 2011.06.18. 16:56 keltezéssel, Ross Gardler írta:
>> On 18 Jun 2011, at 15:31, Andy Brown<>  wrote:
>>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>> If (and that's a big if) infra are willing to host software for you the license
is not an issue. We won't distribute incompatibly licensed software it but we use it. The
rules are to make sure users can do what ever they want with our software, when it comes to
support for developers you'll find the ASF to be very pragmatic.
>>>> Ross
>>> Hi Ross,
>>> This is not about support for developers it is for users.
>> The developers/contributors support users.
> In OOo forum case no developers answered any questions on users forums, so low number
of developers can not do this.
> The developers answered usually on users mailing list.
> The volunteers, moderators on forums mostly power users of OOo, with no developer background.

Note I added "contributor" to "developer" in my response above. 

In the ASF, just as in most successful projects including OO.o, people who support users are
first class citizens in the development process. The people with the closest relationship
with users are sometimes the best people to guide future direction. For this reason we try
not to separate between code developers, documentation writers, user supporters, marketers

My point is that, at least from my point of view, the profile of people in these forums is
irrelevant. Rob makes a similar point about not segregating people by role, so I won't expand


> Some volunteers, as I, worked in OOo projects as QA volunteers after some time if he
has a will.
> I not provided any code to OOo, in Base QA I was the first reviewer of  submitted bugs,
looked around in bugzilla for similar problems, or earlier fixed bugs, tested problems in
available environment. My work helped OOo Base developers to work only on "real" bugs.
> If I found problems during answering to questions on forum, and it proved, sometimes
submitted bugs in bugzilla.
> Zoltan
>> The point still stands. The ASF will consider hosting software under any licence
for it's projects. The limitation is resources not license.
>> Ross
>>> Andy

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