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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Source format for user guides
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 22:06:08 GMT
I don't find this particular set of labeling  issues very helpful.  At apache we need to distinguish
between content we intend end users to consume as releases from other material.  Releases
 have strict licensing and provenance requirements whereas generic content apppearing on an
associated site may have none of that, independent of any labels placed on that content by
this project.

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On Jun 27, 2011, at 5:54 PM, Jean Weber <> wrote:

My major concern is finding people who can write & edit material
appropriate for end users AND have the time to do so AND are
interested, willing, and able to work within the Apache production
model (which includes taking the time to learn to use new tools). If
AOOo can find those people, great! But I suspect few, if any, of the
people who have been producing Sun/Oracle-OOo user guides will be
interested and willing. (The Help authors almost surely don't have the
time to do more than answer a few questions.)

I've seen several projects, including Sun-OOo, get into a situation
where an official process produced very little or nothing, and an
unofficial process & group produced useful user-oriented material. The
project then had the choice of adopting the unofficial material as
"official" or linking to it and labelling it "community" docs or
treating it as "third party" docs similar to books from any outside

Hmmm... perhaps ODFAuthors should start producing the equivalent of
O'Reilly's "Missing Manuals" and avoid the whole "official" can of
worms. ;-)


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