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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Getting to our first build
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 11:09:08 GMT
On 29.06.2011 12:53, Reizinger Zoltán wrote:

> 2011.06.29. 12:23 keltezéssel, Michael Stahl írta:
>> i still think it makes sense to go a step further and actually merge
>> all finished CWSes into OOO340 using HG first, because that is by far
>> the easiest way and doesn't have any technical pitfalls.
> This will not good in database part of OOo, the cws hsqldb19 finished
> and waits for dev300 integration toward OOo 3.5.
> it is contain hsqldb 2.x.x database engine which is incompatible
> (convert all data into new version whic is not reversable) to presently
> used version. Then the new version file opens in older version
> of OOo, but not usable, warning came up to use newer version of OOo.
> If you merge it it will cause mess.
> The using merging cws hsqldb needs to discussed in project in later
> time. It is cause incompatibilities, but the hsqldb 2.x.x has more
> features which is good for database users.
Indeed Michael's suggestion to merge finished CWS first is too much: we 
should create branches for them in svn, but merging must be decided on 
for each CWS individually. There may be other reasons why a CWS 
shouldn't be merged to master, e.g. because the work on it is still not 
finished and it will either break the master or introduce horrible bugs.

Thanks for the heads-up regarding CWS hsqld19.


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