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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: Top level question on website migration
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 17:08:18 GMT
Am 06/27/2011 02:28 PM, schrieb Rob Weir:
> Assuming we're not trying for a "big bang" migration where we move
> everything at once, it seems we have two main approaches:
> 1) Assign existing DNS to Apache now.  For services
> which we have not yet migrated to Apache we redirect back to Oracle's
> server, by IP address.  As additional services are migrated to Apache,
> we remove redirects.
> 2) Do it in the opposite direction:   DNS goes to Oracle's servers and
> they redirect to Apache for services that we've migrated.  As services
> are migrated we ask Oracle to add additional requests.  When
> everything is migrated then we switch over the DNS.
> #1 seems a lot cleaner to me, and requires less coordination with
> Oracle.  We control the DNS, redirects and generally set the pace of
> migration.  But are there protocols beyond http/https that we need to
> worry about?  For example, any ftp, smtp, nntp, etc. that would
> complicate things?


With 2) we would need to rely more on what Oracle is doing for us.

> If we can agree on the general approach I don't see why we couldn't
> start some migration this week.  Bugzilla, for example, seems to be a
> straightforward.

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