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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: Top level question on website migration
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 14:47:20 GMT

On 06/27/2011 05:28 AM, Rob Weir wrote:
> Assuming we're not trying for a "big bang" migration where we move
> everything at once, it seems we have two main approaches:
> 1) Assign existing DNS to Apache now.  For services
> which we have not yet migrated to Apache we redirect back to Oracle's
> server, by IP address.  As additional services are migrated to Apache,
> we remove redirects.

Well given the state of the project as it exists today in the Apache 
environment, I think this is fraught with MANY problems. What is "up" on 
Apache right now is really insignificant compared to what is available 
via I think before doing this, we'd need to make a VERY 
comprehensive mapping list of what would be going where.
I don't mean to overburden everyone with "details", but I think a 
"migration plan" complete with "areas" and timeframes might be in order.
This would be useful to determine scope as well as creating a reasonable 

Someone would spend a LOT of time maintaining the redirect business.
I'm concerned with acccess "blips" given this approach. Timing is 

Additionally, some people, like me, have edit (committer) rights on 
parts of the OpenOffice web server to continue to make changes (if only 
informative) and no similar rights on Apache. Right now, I'm not doing 
much except trying to keep some reasonable info about the move updated 
on the site on some of the primary pages. But...I really 
have NO idea what others with commit rights are doing on that server at 
the moment. This would be interesting to find out.

> 2) Do it in the opposite direction:   DNS goes to Oracle's servers and
> they redirect to Apache for services that we've migrated.  As services
> are migrated we ask Oracle to add additional requests.  When
> everything is migrated then we switch over the DNS.

This seems like a better idea with less redirection for the time being. 
However, this puts control in Oracle's court which may not be desirable.

> #1 seems a lot cleaner to me, and requires less coordination with
> Oracle.  We control the DNS, redirects and generally set the pace of
> migration.  But are there protocols beyond http/https that we need to
> worry about?  For example, any ftp, smtp, nntp, etc. that would
> complicate things?
> If we can agree on the general approach I don't see why we couldn't
> start some migration this week.  Bugzilla, for example, seems to be a
> straightforward.

Well this particular area seems OK. :)

Really I will do some work via the wiki this week to augment the list on 
the wiki from my perspective on what needs to be done.

> -Rob


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