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From michael <>
Subject Re: [REQUEST] Initial Committers Please Confirm PPMC Participation.
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 10:51:47 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton schrieb:
> Initial committers are automatically eligible to serve on the PPMC.
> Initial committers who have been set up with their Apache user names and have committer
access can begin immediate participation on the PPMC.  Simply subscribe to the
list using the e-mail or the e-mail given on the iCLA.
> There are currently 19 committers who have not joined the PPMC.  If you are set up as
a committer and have not subscribed, please do so.
> If you are set up as a committer and do not wish to serve on the PPMC, please inform
the PPMC by e-mail to  
> For more information on PPMC activities and responsibilities, see <>
> <>.
>  - Dennis E. Hamilton

I set my name on the "Initial Committers" list, because I want to
support in the future the same way as I have done in the

For my "contributions" (managing an running booths on events, supporting
users on maiinglists, reporting bugs etc.) there is no need to sign the

I don't need an apache mail alias realy too. I've my "good old" alias; that's good enough for me.

So my question is: is there a way to become not a second class supporter
without signing the icla?

There is another (may be silly) question: If I sign the icla and so on
..., would I be (theoretically) able to dump code into the repository
without any checking by QA?


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