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From Andy Brown <>
Subject Re: Source format for user guides
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 02:33:51 GMT
Rob Weir wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 9:17 PM, Andy Brown <> wrote:
>> Rob Weir wrote:
>>> I like the idea of using ODF, for the reasons you state.
>>> I assuming this implies ODF files in the SVN repository.  If so, we're
>>> going to have three pain points:
>>> 1) Since ODF is not a text format, diff's are not possible with the
>>> default SVN tools.  Yes, we can do change tracking inside of the
>>> document, but it is harder to monitor changes to an ODF document in
>>> the repository by looking at commit messages.
>>> 2) How do non-committer contributors submit user guide patches and how
>>> are they reviewed and applied?
>>> 3) Similar to #2, how do we merge changes if multiple committers
>>> modify the same file?
>>> None of these are killers.  We could reduce the the impact of #3 if we
>>> used fine-grained ODF documents.  So instead of 100 page documents,
>>> have ten ten-page documents that could be merged for publication.
>>> That way we get fewer conflicts.
>>> There are things we could do about #1.  SVN allows an external diff
>>> program.  We could write one, perhaps using the ODF Toolkit, that
>>> extracts text and diffs it.  Similarly, we could write an ODF patch
>>> utility.  Yes, this is extra work, but it is useful and would benefit
>>> more than just OOo.
>>> -Rob
>> Hi Rob,
>> I agree with Jean.  The manuals can be uploaded or linked to the wiki
>> page.  There is no need to reinvent a system that works as well as the
>> ODFAuthors does.  Forcing people to lean a new system that they have no
>> interest in will only drive contributors away.
>> Andy
> Can you clarify, please?  Is the intent to make ODFAuthors be part of
> the Apache OpenOffice project, e.g. run on Apache servers with
> PMC-elected committers having write access, other contributing authors
> submitting patches before being eventually voted in as committers, all
> working in the Apache project lists, transparently, with all work
> under the Apache license, with the PMC setting overall direction and
> approving releases?
> Is that the idea?  If so, this would be great.
> -Rob

That is not the suggestion at all.  Leave what works alone.  A simple
link on the ooouser wiki to the ODFAuthors site would be all that is
needed.  If a change in license is required to upload the manuals to the
wiki then, Jean will have to say how easy or hard the license will be to
change to AL2.

If it is moved to ASF servers then we will lose some of those that are
hard a work on the manuals by adding a new layer to work through.  I am
having a hard time figuring out svn and I have a personal reason to
learn.  Do not add that layer to what ODFAuthors already do.

Their process is simple:
1: The author uploads a draft the document.
2: Author places note in the mailing list.
3: One of the copy editors downloads and notes in the list.
4: Copy editor makes corrections and or additions as needed.  If
questions arise then a question is placed back on the list.
5: Once done the editing is done a new copy is loaded to the site.
6: The author is "pinged" in the mailing list.
7: steps two to six are repeated to the manual is ready for publishing.

If this is moved to svn then there is a lot more to learn and work for
the copy editors.  It is not needed nor wanted.


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