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From Andy Brown <>
Subject Re: Source format for user guides
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 01:17:01 GMT
Rob Weir wrote:
> I like the idea of using ODF, for the reasons you state.
> I assuming this implies ODF files in the SVN repository.  If so, we're
> going to have three pain points:
> 1) Since ODF is not a text format, diff's are not possible with the
> default SVN tools.  Yes, we can do change tracking inside of the
> document, but it is harder to monitor changes to an ODF document in
> the repository by looking at commit messages.
> 2) How do non-committer contributors submit user guide patches and how
> are they reviewed and applied?
> 3) Similar to #2, how do we merge changes if multiple committers
> modify the same file?
> None of these are killers.  We could reduce the the impact of #3 if we
> used fine-grained ODF documents.  So instead of 100 page documents,
> have ten ten-page documents that could be merged for publication.
> That way we get fewer conflicts.
> There are things we could do about #1.  SVN allows an external diff
> program.  We could write one, perhaps using the ODF Toolkit, that
> extracts text and diffs it.  Similarly, we could write an ODF patch
> utility.  Yes, this is extra work, but it is useful and would benefit
> more than just OOo.
> -Rob

Hi Rob,

I agree with Jean.  The manuals can be uploaded or linked to the wiki
page.  There is no need to reinvent a system that works as well as the
ODFAuthors does.  Forcing people to lean a new system that they have no
interest in will only drive contributors away.


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