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From Dick Groskamp <>
Subject Re: [PATCH -corrected} Fixing some typos in ppmc-faqs.mdtext
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2011 13:11:48 GMT
Op 26-6-2011 14:40, TJ Frazier schreef:
> Hi, Dick,
> On 6/26/2011 08:14, Dick Groskamp wrote:
> [snip] 
> Thanks for fixing those compound nouns. I'm not sure that the 
> progression of "user name" to "user-name" to "username" is complete, 
> but—if it's an Apache convention—I can live with it.
> You might also fix "abbrIviations" and "Corporate Contributor LiSenCe 
> Agreement".
Thanks for that.
Now I've learned to keep my changes a bit longer on file and not to 
delete them after sending the e-mail  :-)
(I had changed the Lisence in the first draft to License, but it got 
lost in the second)

next thing I've learned is to be more careful with compound nouns, we 
tend to bring them all together, but
I've noticed that might not be the right way to do it.

I've rapplied my changes and made up a new patch.


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