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From Dick Groskamp <>
Subject Re: Contributors versus Committers versus PMC members - AND USERS
Date Sat, 25 Jun 2011 10:56:50 GMT
Op 25-6-2011 9:49, Reizinger Zoltán schreef:
> 2011.06.24. 23:44 keltezéssel, Rob Weir írta:
>> Does anyone see a difference other than the obvious difference of
>> technology, between the OOo user list and the forums?  Are they being
>> used for different kinds of things?  Or are they just different ways
>> of doing the same things?
> The user downloaded OOo from OOo site can be aware of OOo mailing 
> lists if met some problems - users with some knowledge.
> If user get OOo without his knowledge, some admin installed on 
> computer, this happens in small companies or public administration,
> This user - average Joe, has knowledge in other software, when met 
> specific problems, in most cases use some search engine to find 
> answer, then the forum could came first.
> The second type of user prefer forums, and the first type possibly 
> mailing lists.
> My practice on user forums and Base user and developer mailing list 
> have differences, in the forums core developers never posts, questions 
> answered by volunteers or other users.
> (It takes time to crawl through all posts, the developers time worth 
> more than spend reading questions, easily answerable ones.)
> In users mailing lists, half answers came from core developers, if 
> they think, the problem is real. "Easily answerable questions" 
> answered by volunteers.
> In developer mailing list users mostly ISVs or power users use, when 
> met specific problems, in specific database drivers, or with 
> programming OOo, and answered usually by developers.
> Zoltan
I agree with Zoltan. This is my experience too

I think a forum is better for the end-users.
Particpants (like me who are merely contributing solely translations) 
might find use for a mailinglist
to discuss about how to spell / wording / upcoming work to translate 
(for instance the online Help) in the native language


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