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From Andy Brown <>
Subject Re: Which website is which
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 15:19:31 GMT
Hi Kay.

Kay Schenk wrote:
> Thank you SO much for this clarification! I really didn't understand
> what we would be doing with
> so thanks for this. And...I'm still confused about it.

Since there has been no more information I will try to explain the page
for you, as I understand it.  It is like a to-do list for a project to
graduate to a Top Level Project(TLP).  It is filled in as needed by the
PPMC as each of the steps is completed.  There are links the project's
main web page, a link to where the code will be stored, and to the bug
tracker for the project.  The list of Committers are those that signed
up on the proposal page, ,
as Initial Committers.  Some of these are developers but not all.  Some,
like myself, are here to do what we can to support the project.

Below the list are a set of tables that have to be completed on the way
to becoming a TLP, which is what we are working for.


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