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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: lp_solve replacement (future project)
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 07:22:38 GMT
Hi Pedro,

On 24.06.2011 03:45, Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
> Hi again;
> It's not at all urgent, but if someone has an inclination for a nice
> Linear Programming solver, I would point to COIN-OR's CLP Project:
> cheers,
> Pedro.
let me quote Niklas Nebel from the OOo dev list:

> Dependencies on LGPL libraries may soon become a problem. One such
> library is lp_solve, which is the basis of the Linear
> Solver in Calc.


> I created issue 118160 and attached a simple proof-of-concept patch
> to use CoinMP instead of lp_solve. From some limited testing, this
> seems to work very well. Some changes will still be needed for
> building and packaging, and perhaps some tweaking of solver settings.
> But the patch shows that replacing lp_solve is clearly a (pardon the
> pun) solvable problem.


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