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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: An svn question
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 20:55:17 GMT
>> PS: I wonder, was there history lost as part of the past move to Hg?  I had the sense
it was preserved, but am now unsure.
> History was fully preserved, and full history is very important if you want to work on
the code.

During both the CVS->SVN and the SVN->HG migration only the trunk got 
imported and the evolution on the branches was forgotten. Since all the 
good branches were merged into trunk anyway no code was lost, but the 
history became barely usable, because the work of a each CWS was merged 
as one huge patch:
So individual commits and their comments were drowned in that big 
resulting patch.

History only got fully preserved in the sense that after the migrations 
both CVS and SVN servers were still readable but not in the sense that 
the conversion result contained the history.

To help me understand the status and background of some code I had to 
get the complete svn-history including all branches as a local git 
repository and use that. Only few people seemed to care about proper 
history though as for many developers only the latest tip/head matters 
and I heard nobody else complain about the "optimized" history.

Best regards,
Herbert Duerr

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