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From Frank Peters <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Community and Developer Wikis Now Available
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 09:13:37 GMT
Hi Jean,

>> So where does user documentation content go? The community wiki says
>> that it would not be for "core developer documentation".
>> What does this term mean? I assume that all documentation content
>> on the current OOo wiki including the Developer's Guide
>> is to be placed on the community wiki?
> I'm looking for some clarification on this, too.
> I certainly hope that all the user guides and other user docs are to go
> into (or be made available through) the community wiki. If I understand
> some other discussions correctly, people won't need to sign the iCLA to
> contribute to the community wiki.
> I've had only a very brief look at the community wiki, and am still
> attempting to digest the many emails on this list and read up on the
> Apache way of doing things, so I could well be totally confused on a lot
> of topics.

same with me.

My understanding is, though, that everything that may
be part of a future release must be committed via an ICLA.

One problem we are now facing with the wiki is the unclear legal
status of its content. Some content may need relicensing to fit
Apache license schemes while others already have a compatible
license individually attached (like CC-BY for the ODFAuthors

So we are back to the same old problem with the OO Wiki: either
we are legally safe by asking for a CLA from every contributor
then we hold the bar up too high for some to contribute or
we do not ask for a CLA, keep the bar low but may not be able
to use that content anywhere else. Besides, this may lead to
splintering of the doc set which I would not favor.

Also, I would like to alert anyone of a fact that the current
structure of the content on the OO wiki is very much designed
around the capabilities of MediaWiki. So a migration of content
to Confluence would require considerable rework. I would
still like to examine the possibility of continuing to work
with a MW instance under Apache.

I will be posting a separate message to summarize my thoughts on
how to proceed with the different documentation pieces going


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