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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Oh, let's not forget too
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 20:14:07 GMT
On 20.06.2011 14:33, Rob Weir wrote:
> I'm having difficulty reconciling the email forwarding
> service with how Apache projects work.
> [...]
> And remember, committers are given email forwards via an a.o email
> address.  So there is no functional requirement that I can see for an
> OOo address, other than the conventional postmaster and admin
> addresses.
> So I'd favor ending the OOo email forwarding.

This would be very bad for e.g. issue tracking. I'm not sure how the 
bugtracker database will get imported though. I think it would be useful 
if the issue reporters, owners or people who put themselves on the CC 
list of an issue could see the progress of their favourite tasks. The addresses were used e.g. for notifications or for 
attributing an issue comment to a user.

> The alternative would be to continue this service, but that begs the
> question of who is permitted such an address, what such an address
> means, who decides and what criteria are used to decide who gets such
> an address?

In the old project everybody who wanted to e.g. add a detail to an issue 
could get such an address within a few minutes. This is similar to how 
many other projects work, e.g. KDE.

Best regards,
Herbert Duerr

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