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From Dick Groskamp <>
Subject Re: Oh, let's not forget too
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 14:04:05 GMT
Op 20-6-2011 14:33, Rob Weir schreef:
> I'm having difficulty reconciling the email forwarding
> service with how Apache projects work.
> Having such an address appears to suggest that the person is
> representing the project,or at the very least is a member of the
> project.  But we speak as individuals, both in the project and
> externally.  If we're suggesting that we represent the project, then
> that is incorrect.  There are exceptions, as outlined in the "multiple
> hats" description [1] , where a PMC Chair or other Apache officers
> might need to speak authoritatively on policy matters.  But that is
> not the typical case.
> And remember, committers are given email forwards via an a.o email
> address.  So there is no functional requirement that I can see for an
> OOo address, other than the conventional postmaster and admin
> addresses.
+1   I agree. If the same service can be delivered with a.o-email, why 
hang on to OOo-email.
        That might complicate matters unnessisarily


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