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From Reizinger Zoltán <>
Subject Re: User facing web items
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2011 08:10:40 GMT
2011.06.18. 1:33 keltezéssel, Andy Brown írta:
> Hi Ross,
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> On 17 June 2011 00:00, Andy Brown<>  wrote:
>>> I have seen references to "user facing" web items, web pages, wiki and
>>> mailing list.  What will happen to the forum at
>>> ?  It is an very 
>>> useful user
>>> facing asset that I would hate to see lost.  If it is transfered 
>>> what will
>>> be require from those that provide assistance there?  Will the 
>>> moderators be
>>> required to committers?  Thus requiring an iCLA?
>> There are many other things to consider in this question:
>> - will infra@ be willing to host an instance of the software
>> - can we migrate the content?
>> - is it under a suitable licence to allow migration
>> - is the forum approach the right solution today
>> - and many more issues
>> Ross
> I know from conversations that the forum is hosted on Oracle servers, 
> in Germany, if I am not mistaken. 
I'm co-admin of Hungarian forum from start of HU user forum, and 
volunteer from EN forum start.
> The Admin is an employee of Oracle. 
Half true. Oracle/Sun provides space in virtualized servers, if 
something happens with servers which needs phiscally touch it, then 
Oracle admin mange it.
All the other case the user forum admin Terry Ellison works, he manage 
the common for all forums database and webserver, MySQL and phphBB 3.0.x.
Language co-admins make language dependent work, works with spams, rouge 
users, etc.
The Oracle only help us providing infrastructure (server space and 
bandwith), not more.
The forums runs in common database and webserver.
> The moderators are from all over and volunteers for the most part.  If 
> it can not hosted on Apache servers then I am afraid that it will be 
> lost and all the help that it has for users. 
If not Apache will support this, we needs to search founding and run in 
other place to support users, which is our will.
> "Is a forum the right solution today", good question but I have seen 
> flame wars break out over that very topic in some mailing list.  I 
> prefer mailing list but understand why end users prefer a forum so I 
> would support us keeping it.
Users forums started before the TDF was formed, their mailing list and 
forum discussions not problem for us, we support all OOo derivate 
software users, to help them, if we can answer their problems.
> Andy

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