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From IngridvdM <>
Subject Re: Native Language vs l10n
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 22:06:28 GMT
Am 17.06.2011 23:15, schrieb Dave Fisher:
> I like Rob's very direct 3 points. I would edit the language slightly.
> Strike the words "Strong existing" from 1) - the language project should not need to
think about how strong they are - strong has differing cultural interpretations.
> For 3) "as a liaison" ought to be dropped. Everyone joins as an individual. Many of us
might consider that we came here as liaisons, but that is not always the case.
> Language projects
> - continue to operate independently according to their own rules.
> - ensure their work is done under the Apache 2.0 license so that it is usable by Apache
OpenOffice as well as LibreOffice.
> - appoint at least one member to join the Apache OpenOffice project.
> There are a couple of implicit "musts" on 1 or 2 that might be culturally insensitive...
This needs to be a well nuanced message IIRC Sally Khudairi's marketing 101 from Apachecon.
Mentors - should we get Sally involved in the nuance, or not?
> The language needs to be as healing as possible. Language projects shouldn't feel abandoned
either. I'm feeling like I'm working here for a second:

Good points. I feel the same need for care here.
Especially when we start voting I would like to step a big step back. I 
think the different ideas of working together need to be offered to each 
language community as suggestions. Then it needs to be discussed there. 
And they will decide each on their own what they want to do.
I think it is fine to vote here one what we think could be a possible or 
a preferred cooperation.


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