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From "Manfred A. Reiter" <>
Subject Re: Can we rationalize and formalize "a language project"?
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 17:50:33 GMT
Hi Ingrid, *,

Am 17.06.2011 17:44, schrieb IngridvdM:

>> My understanding is that this contradicts the principles of the 
>> Apache way, because choosing to talk in a native language other than 
>> English is excluding most others from their possibility to participate.
And if you have only english speaking list, you are excluding a mass of 
german, brasilian,
spanish, japanes people how contributed to the project in a very good 
way during the
last years.

IHMO it is evident, that we need

> So I would like to suggest that we use English on all mailing lists at 
> Apache, also for the language/region specific tasks. Opinions? Or is 
> this anyhow self-evident and not worth a note?

It is self-evident, that the core has to be in englisch, even if it is BSE.

IMHO it is self-evident, that we need languages lists - at least for
Endusers and an coordinating team ... if such lists are required from
language speaker ... such as Kazunari Hirano san.

Or do you think in outsourcing and splitting into ApacheOOo and
japanes support and german support?

> I see the problem for those that do not speak English.
> Is it maybe possible for the native language communities to set up 
> some translation gateway that allows mails from and to the main 
> project lists to get translated between English and the chosen native 
> language?

If it would work.
I fear that is a dream, which will be realised when my granddaughter 
goes into retirement.

> That would allow more people to take part in the discussion and would 
> combine the efforts. Just an idea. As we are not the first 
> international group working together I wonder whether there are 
> elegant tools out there to overcome the barrier of language?
> Ingrid ( not a native English speaker )

sorry for typos, grammer, diction and spelling
I hope my german and my portugues ar better.

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