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From Reizinger Zoltán <>
Subject Re: Subversion history
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 10:49:03 GMT
2011.06.17. 11:26 keltezéssel, Stephan Bergmann írta:
> On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 10:42 AM, Mathias Bauer<>wrote:
>> On 17.06.2011 10:01, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
>>> The other way around, DEV300 (tip rev 6b24005a31b8) past DEV300_m103 (why
>> was such an old version chosen, anyway?) contains changesets not in OOO340
>>> (tip rev c904c1944462), but for new files, this appears to only amount to
>>> three harmless ones:
>>> offapi/com/sun/star/awt/grid/**SelectionEventType.idl
>>> toolkit/qa/complex/toolkit/mak**<>
>>> toolkit/qa/unoapi/
>> That's interesting. AFAIR OOO340m0 was branched from DEV300m106 - I wonder
>> why something was integrated into DEV300 past the branch-off date.
> Sorry, my fault.  Those are apparently files that got *removed* with
> changesets added to OOO340 after it was spawned off from DEV300_m106
> (rev 38188af12de4).  The only two changesets added to DEV300 after spawning
> off OOO340 (rev 5d377dd89e6b and 6b24005a31b8) are small masterfixes whose
> content is apparently also applied to OOO340 (via independent changesets).
> So, in short, current OOO340 tip rev c904c1944462 contains everything
> available on DEV300 and thus represents the most recent status of the OOo
> code base.
May be not, some cws not integrated into DEV300m106 and OOO340 codline.
I think one is the hsqldb19 which introduces HSQLDB 2.2.x into OOo which 
was not finished to OOo 3.4 split, and waited for integration to OOo 3.5.
May be some bugfixes to database in cws fs34b and fs34c, I'm not sure, 
about their state in OOo340m1, because QA was finished later than OOo 
3.4beta (OOO340m0).


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