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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Introduction of Mathias Bauer
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 10:44:53 GMT
Hi all,

though I have spammed this list a lot already, I didn't introduce myself.

I joined Star Division in 1995, a few months before the first version of 
StarOffice was released. For quite some time I worked in the so called 
"framework" team. It's what the experienced OOo developers would 
describe as "everything between the gsl layer (vcl) and the 
applications". I also was involved in the programmability stuff (API, 
extensions and the like), and since 2005 I lead the Writer development 
team. In the last months I was heavily involved in the new build system 
and some code refactoring here and there, with the goal to improve 
modularity and build experience.

In short words: usually no code is safe from my hands if it fails to 
vanish in the recycle bin before I can count to three. It's my firm 
belief that hacking on a project makes the most fun if you try to 
understand (and care for) as much aspects and parts of it as possible.

Though I'm here only for a few days now, I already like the Apache way 
of doing things. Making something better instead of talking upfront 
about how to reach the optimum is exactly what I prefer (and where we 
sometime failed in the past). And though I have been a "lead" in the OOo 
project for many years, I welcome a working style that does not need 
formal leads and instead of that encourages everybody just to do his or 
her best, lettings leads show themselves by what they do for the project.

I'm looking forward to the first OOo build based on the new Apache project!

Nevertheless I won't answer to mails over the next weekend as I will be 
off pretty soon until Sunday evening, and I promised my wife to leave my 
laptop at home. :-)

Best regards,

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