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From Kai Sommerfeld <>
Subject Introduction
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 09:01:54 GMT

  as this is (almost) my first post to this list, let me give a short 
introduction of myself.

  My name is Kai Sommerfeld, working for Star Division/Sun/Oracle on and related projects for about 15 years, leading Oracle's development team responsible for "Programmability and 
Deployment". I am here as individual contributor and everything I will 
do and say here is based on my very own opinion and motivation. I will 
not speak for Oracle in any way and I am here only to help and to bring forward.

  I'm a software developer and have experience in many code and non-code 
areas of, mostly in the "lower" areas of the code base 
(udk, sdk, api, extension infrastructure, ucb, ...). Among other things, 
I did the original design and implementation of the Universal Content 
Broker (UCB) and was Co-Lead of the UCB and UDK project for some years. 
I was heavily involved in extending the extension 
infrastructure to the featire set it has today.

  I look forward working with you all to make the long success story of continue.


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