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From "Manfred A. Reiter" <>
Subject Re: Teams and Leads
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 07:24:37 GMT
Hi Rob,

sorry ... I didn't saw that your answer was addressed to me,
because of top-posting and ... because of heavy traffic on the
lists I had reinstall an email client to see the threads ;-)

Am 16.06.2011 16:39, schrieb Rob Weir:
> It might be worth describing how national language projects and the
> OpenOffce NLC has worked in the past.  I think this would be
> educational for our Apache mentors to understand a little of what they
> do.  It is much more than just translation.  They are almost more like
> affiliate organizations that promote OpenOffice in their countries.,
absolutely right ...
- costumer care (mailinglists, FAQ's aso.)
- promotion (fairs, events ...)
- proactive marketing
- press releases,
> They are the "face of OOo" in their respective countries.  But you
> could explain it better than me.
> A top level question for is is how we see this mapping to the Apache
> project.  The two extremes are:
> 1) Move all of this into the Apache project.  All 100+ translation
> projects, country marketing projects, etc.
> 2) Have the national language projects run outside of Apache.  Since
> anyone can modify the code we released and repackage it and distribute
> it, it should be possible for any party to independently add
> translations and even rename it for distribution in their country.  Of
> course, while respecting the license and trademark requirements.
> Of course, we can do some intermediate thing to.

yes, IMHO you/we should choose the intemediate way

> For example, it
> might work well to have volunteers who produce material that is
> directly included in a release, such as translations, localization
> patches, product help files, etc., be part of the Apache project.  But
> then there would be freedom for external groups to continue
> distributing, marketing, etc., localized versions outside of the
> Apache project.
> One way to look at this is what your actual experience has been with
> this in OpenOffice before, in terms of patterns of collaboration and
> interaction.  For example, is there often peer-to-peer coordination
> required between the German and the Spanish language projects?

It was more or less like Apache works (as far as I can give an opioion 
of it).
"Don't talk, do it."  ...
(please observe:  I don't talk about what happend in Hamburg. ;-) )

As you can see for example the CD/DVD project in the german community.
It was created by a group which would like to offer a CD to the community.

But, as André reads here, he can talk a little bit more about. ;-)

> Or is
> it more of a hub-and-spokes model where the language "teams" are
> semi-autonomous, but coordinate with the main OOo project, receiving
> releases and submitting patches, etc.?
Yes, as well ;-) -
The model you will not find in a textbook. For me as an business
economist it was amazing to see how it worked. I was swarm
intelligence at it's best.
> I'd be interested in hearing arguments either way.
> -Rob


excuse typos, grammer, diction or spelling

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