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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Teams and Leads
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 13:59:36 GMT
On 16/06/2011 14:27, RA Stehmann wrote:
> I think we shouldn't invent the wheel twice ;-).

So you want to reinvent the Apache wheel instead? For all 170+ projects?

I do agree the task is to make the OO.o model fit within the ASF model, 
but that will involve some changes. The good news is that in the vast 
majority of changes it will make running the OO.o project easier.

The ASF is designed to let project contributors get on with 
contributing. We have existing infrastructure for handling the generic 
stuff (press, trademarks, legal etc.) The OO.o project would be best 
using it.

> The community has an more or less good working
> infrastructure of leads, contact persons, native lang communities,
> teams, mailing lists, websites etc..

As explained elsewhere in the thread it is only the language that seems 
to be a problem.

ASF does not have "leaders", it does have people who lead by doing. 
We're told that that's how the OO.o project works too - no problem

There is only one contact point. The "contact persons" should do their 
business through that contact point. This allows others to step in and 
help should the "contact person" be busy - no problem.

Native lang communities can be created as and when they are needed. 
However, all development must be done here, on this list. There needs to 
be people connecting native language communities to this list to make 
sure their needs are heard here, in the common language of the project. 
These communities should be created when there is a demonstratable need 
(that's up to the project contributors to judge)

mailing lists, websites etc. will be moved, as needed, to ASF 
infrastructure as and when needed - this is already underway.

> IMO we should make an inventory, keep the usefull elements and drop the
> dated. And let persons, who undertake the task of doing something and
> who are elected by the community, doing their job forward.



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