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From IngridvdM <>
Subject Re: Teams and Leads (was: Proposed short term goals)
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:00:50 GMT
Am 16.06.2011 13:29, schrieb Christian Grobmeier:
>> I am really in favor of going without anyone being named leader or manager
>> or any name that could create the impression that this person has more
>> rights than the others. Maybe we can choose 'contact' as a neutral
>> description in case something turns out to be needed? Or is there even a
>> more neutral word?
>> Christian Grobmeier has mentioned "workforces". That sounds interesting. Is
>> there more about that in the documentation somewhere?
> Its a term from me, it is not official.
> It is a bit like Sam said: if you subscribe to a mailinglist, then you
> part of a "workforce".
> Like subscribing to makes you - if you
> write emails - to a contributor and therefore to a part of the
> developers workforce.
> If the project decides that a new workforce is needed, like
> "translations", it can simply be established with a new mailinglist
> like ooo-translations@i.a.o
> Everybody can subscribe and help with working.
> That being said, "workforce" is a bit an unnecessary term - i
> described a bunch of people having fun to discuss similar topics at
> one mailinglist.

:-). I like that style very much! Thank you for the additional explanation!


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