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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Bootstrapping a build
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 07:05:19 GMT
On 16.06.2011 04:22, Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
> --- On Wed, 6/15/11, Tor Lillqvist<>  wrote:
>>> If not, then where are the FreeBSD and Debian getting
>> the code from?
>> Well, at least Debian got it from OOo, as building OOo/LO
>> is the only purpose of dmake in Debian, I think?
> On FreeBSD we get dmake from Debian but we don't use it to
> build OO or LO. Apparently we build dmake as part of OO.
>>> Can't we just use it from there?
>> For people who build on Debian or derivatives, sure. But
>> for other distros, Windows, MacOSX you would need to
>> provide dmake packages.
> ...
> Looking at FreeBSD's LO port, there are some other interesting
> dependencies:
> Required To Build:
> archivers/zip, archivers/unzip, sysutils/coreutils,
> devel/patch, shells/bash, archivers/p5-Archive-Zip,
> devel/gperf, devel/cppunit, databases/mdbtools,
> devel/boost-libs, graphics/vigra, textproc/libxslt,
> lang/python27, devel/gmake, x11-toolkits/libXaw,
> multimedia/gstreamer-plugins, lang/perl5.8,
> devel/automake, devel/autoconf, textproc/intltool,
> devel/pkg-config, devel/desktop-file-utils
Build prerequisites for other platforms are documented in the OOo wiki.

> Required To Run:
> lang/python27, x11-toolkits/libXaw,
> multimedia/gstreamer-plugins, devel/pkg-config,
> devel/desktop-file-utils, devel/gio-fam-backend
> Required Libraries:
> graphics/cairo, textproc/libxml2, textproc/expat2,
> devel/icu, graphics/jpeg, ftp/curl, hungarian/hunspell,
> graphics/poppler, textproc/libwpd, graphics/libwpg,
> textproc/libwps, textproc/redland, textproc/libtextcat,
> math/lp_solve, print/cups-client, graphics/libGL,
> graphics/libGLU, databases/db41, accessibility/atk,
> devel/glib20, x11-toolkits/gtk20, x11-toolkits/pango
> So they actually moved out the GPL stuff that we need
> to get rid of too. (cppunit, libwps, hunspell, etc ).

This stuff is not in the OOo code base since quite some time. We have 
moved it out as tarballs that are pulled from an external repo at the 
time of boostrapping. The OOo repo only contained some patches and dmake 
makefiles that have a copyright by Oracle.

Some of these external dependencies (not all) already can be avoided by 
configure switches.

As soon as my work on the missing file list will be finished, I can give 
more information about that, in case noone else will have done that 
until then.


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