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From Christian Lippka>
Subject Re: [discuss] remove of binfilter module
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:43:49 GMT
Am 15.06.2011 10:32, schrieb Stephan Bergmann:
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 9:51 AM, Christian Lippka<>  wrote:
> Binfilter is kind of the later. It is something special as it does not
>> directly
>> use the UNO API but the XML format to communicate with the core Office.
>> Therefore it is possible and IMHO desirable to put binfilter and all
>> modules binfilter use in a separate repository that builds an optional
>> extension that can be used in any upcoming OOo version.
>> Usually code duplication is the root of all evil. In this case it is
>> justified as
>> there should by definition be no more work done on the binary filters
>> as the feature set of binary filters is locked. In the past there where
>> only
>> two types of work done in the binfilter module. The small part was of
>> course
>> to fix security issues found in the filter code. This will obviously have
>> to
>> continue. The major work caused by binfilter was to adapt it to changes
>> to underlying modules. This was not only wasted work but also had
>> the chance to introduce regressions.
> A third part would be to reflect bugfixes in the copied-from modules to the
> copied-to modules.  And that's where the costs of duplication kick in.  I
> would prefer to avoid duplication.
That is a valid concern. But this is only true for old issues that may 
not even have any
influence on the filter itself. On the other hand, if the shared modules 
are changed,
the possible regressions are also available in the binary filter. And if 
the regressions
only concern the binary filter, they may stay undetected as the binary 
filters are not
that thoroughly tested than living features.

About your 'why?' question. I think we have to get rid of some stuff 
sooner or later.
And I know from the discussions over the last decade, there is an 
argument for keeping
everything. But if you follow this path then you pile up stuff and your 
house becomes
a mess. Or you have additional cost to pay for a u-store.

I think the main reason why OOo has kind of staled lately was the goal 
to do everything
and do everything perfect. IMHO we should prioritize on the important 
issues and try
to keep distraction to a minimum.


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