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From Simon Brouwer <>
Subject Re: Wiki for the project
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 21:50:35 GMT
Op 14-6-2011 22:46, Dave Fisher schreef:
>>> I prefer not to mix developer/project-facing material and user-facing
>>> material on the same wiki, because it is difficult enough to maintain
>>> a consistent voice for the user-facing material.  Also, users should
>>> be able to easily subscribe to and make additions to the
>>> user-oriented wiki without contending with the project-oriented
>>> organization.
>>> That was my thinking.
>> I see and I get your point now. I agree we need a certain
>> degree of separation but that does not necessarily need to
>> be in the form of two distinct wikis.
>> Having two sections in a common wiki would allow to easily
>> move content over, as occasionally done with OOo where
>> feature developers kept draft documentation for their
>> features while in development and then docs folks
>> clean it up and move the content over to the documentation
>> section.
>> Also, a common entry portal then leading off to user-facing
>> documentation or developer documentation or project related
>> pages would reveal the mechanics of the project to those
>> who are unfamiliar with how open source projects work and
>> may help make this more transparent.
> If we want to have different groups of users with update rights we should definitely
have two wikis.
> See for the instructions regarding confluence.
> We could start with the following confluence wiki spaces:
> (1) ooo-dev - for developer facing documentation.
> (2) ooo-user - for a prospective user wiki. We can debate whether confluence, MediaWiki,
moinmoin or ? are best by experimenting with various approaches.
> (3) ooo - for the project website. There are options here as well CMS, moinmoin, Forrest,

What would the ooo wiki contain that wouldn't fit in the ooo-dev wiki?


Vriendelijke groet,
Simon Brouwer.

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