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From Frank Peters <>
Subject Re: Wiki for the project
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 21:21:20 GMT
> If we want to have different groups of users with update rights we
> should definitely have two wikis.
> See for the instructions regarding
> confluence.
> We could start with the following confluence wiki spaces:
> (1) ooo-dev - for developer facing documentation.
> (2) ooo-user - for a prospective user wiki. We can debate whether
> confluence, MediaWiki, moinmoin or ? are best by experimenting with
> various approaches.

I don't understand, you just said you would start to create a
Confluence ooo-user space to debate whether to use a different

There is probably overlap between (1) and (2) so it needs to
be clearly defined what goes where. With (1) you are probably
referring to core development (coding OOo), but there is also
extension development (using UNO to develop extra functionality)
or office automation that probably are better placed in (2) (for
the developer-user).

If we plan to reuse existing wiki content for docs, it would be
easiest to continue to use MediaWiki (if this is an option)
since this is where all content currently is. A lot of the
content in the docs section uses MW features like
subpages, auto page lists, templates/transclusions etc that
may be cumbersome to migrate.


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