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From Frank Peters <>
Subject Introduction
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 18:37:12 GMT
Let me also introduce myself to this illustrious circle.

My name is Frank Peters (I go by the name of
fpe on OOo) and I have been involved in
StarOffice and documentation
efforts since 2001.

Back in 2002, I have been leading the efforts
to migrate the help content from an undocumented,
closed, clumsy binary format to a new XML based format
(likely as clumsy but more open ;-) when the help
content sources were opened. I also was working on
a help authoring kit that allows editing the help
from within OOo.

I am not a software developer by education but
rather a bold enthusiast with some basic
background (these are the most dangerous, I know).

Some years ago, I used to co-lead the documentation
project and back then I tried to encourage the use
of the wiki for documentation purposes. Meanwhile,
the documentation wiki has grown quite and I
am still lurking around there occasionally.

My hope is that we'll be able to create a lively community
around Apache OOo without many of the reservations
that seemed to govern community under the auspices of
Sun and Oracle, and I hope that we will overcome any
competitive feelings with TDF/LO and rather switch
to a mode of benevolent collaboration.

My primary concern are the users of the software
and I understand that with its end-user focus,
OOo is somewhat unique among the Apache projects.

I am eager to help as much as I can to get the
project thriving again and explore new pathways
for docs and training.


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